Be Inspired: Let Go of Good Reasons

You are hereby granted permission to

Be Inspired

You can practice acceptance, and let wonder, beauty and pleasure wash over you for no good reason.

What if we didn’t feel the need to justify our happiness? We could be like poems or paintings, and just exist in that state: as the created ones, which is a happy thing to be.

Perhaps there some joy inside you, or lightness surrounding me, or laughter in the air, that we all could simply experience. Not as a feeling, but as a state of being. Where happiness is… us.

In other words, could you and I just BE happy?
Or, be as happy as we decide we want to be?

I’ve tried this for myself, and the answer is most definitely yes.
Of course, sometimes I don’t want to be happy; sometimes I want to feel angry or I need to be sad.

But as soon as I decide I want to be anything, like happy or inspired, I am on my way. The one thing that has been necessary is for me in this endeavor is to let go of my need for reasons.
Or at least, “good” reasons.

So. I decide I want to be happy, and then I am happy. Isn’t that inspiring?!

Now, if for some reason it isn’t inspiring, try this: want it to be. Like, right now.
You can choose to be inspired.

When you choose to be inspired, a cloud becomes a dragon, or an angel, and a candle is a reason to make a wish.
A child in trouble becomes a call to action and a war is a reason to donate.
A crazy party becomes a fond memory and an illness is a reason to take care of yourself.
Reading becomes a journey and the internet is a window to the world.

When you accept inspiration instead of looking for reasons, you can bathe in whatever is good and whatever restores your spirit. You’ll find it’s rather amazing what becomes clear with a bath like that.

You’ll feel a tingle of delight when you realize that yes, you really can think your thoughts, ask your questions and feel your feelings without justifying them.

Because we are most definitely allowed to choose what we want to focus on or attend to. When to get involved.
What we think, say, and do. When we want to go barefoot.

We have permission to be curious and passionate, serene and pensive, or optimistic and tickled pink. We don’t have to say why.
We can be people who intend to feel love today, and who accept a bit of mystery in life. No reason. We just can.

We can choose to be inspired, and expect to be happy about that.

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