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Be Imperfect: Forgo Ideal for Authentic

You are hereby granted permission to

Be Imperfect

You can fall short of ideals and be wonderfully peculiar, road-worn and authentic.

Do you remember a time before you expected yourself to do everything well, everything “right” and everything that others expected of you, too?

For most of us, those were the good ol’ days of childhood, the age of our innocence. When you felt free to cry over spilt milk, wear mismatched socks, giggle uncontrollably and play in dirt.

Maybe another round of those days came back to you through the rebellion of adolescence. I hope you made the most of those years speaking your mind, wasting time, turning things in late and changing your looks.

But for many us, those kind of liberating experiences have been a long time gone.

These things seem to turn from awesome natural rites of passage into uncertainties.
From peculiarities to insecurities.
From bumpy roads to regrets.

Each of those ends up representing our imperfections in some way, perhaps–but also our individuality. No one else has our specific set of quirks. No one has learned our lessons for us, or let their freak flag fly on our behalf.

That’s why you’re allowed to be you: utterly, authentically human.

And so what is “ideal” we get convinced we’re falling short of? Please: not another false image of a perfect person who is supposed to have done better, done more, done differently. Not shadows hiding behind mirrors.

We need real people, in the now. People who are true to the best that is within them, and who allow the same in others.

You have permission be a real person in an actual life living as best and as honestly as you can. Imperfections expected. No–make that appreciated. Flaws are so vintage. Be heirloom. Be shabby-chic.

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Photo by kakisky