be complex 52 permission slips

Be Complex: Stay Thirsty My Friends

You are hereby granted permission to

Be Complex

You can be the most interesting person in the world–with your contrasts, needs, rebel call and depth–and still calm down, free up & live happy.

The theme of our Permission Slips is that who we are, what we do, and how we live, is…alright. Unless you are mean, evil or a danger.

But you’re not, we are all pretty sure of that.
So with that trust level in mind, you’re granted permission to be conflicted. Curious. Undone. To be a work in progress.

To not make any sense to some people. To be exotic, colorful, juicy. To keep mysterious piles in baskets.

To be explore distant corners. To feel more damaged. Or to have strange ideas in your head for so long, only to eventually discover they were stories you made up based on your fears.

You may crave understanding. Order. Peace.

You have permission to ask for it. Patience, too. Complexity requires it.

Once you accept all that you are, you’ll find yourself where need to be. You can calm down about being so misunderstood, free up knowing there is always more to have and do, and live happy with the color and variety all around, which you happen to be a part of.

Everything in our existence is complex. We can be too. It’s really not that big of a deal and we don’t have to go on about it.

So you’re just another miracle of nature… pfffft no biggie.

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