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Be Comfortable: Choose What Feels Right for You

You are hereby granted permission to

Be Comfortable

You can choose what feels right for you–the style you express, the relationships you pursue, the projects you take on–and trust your decisions. 

We are exposed to a lot of conflicting information about our comfort levels in this life. It’s no wonder we get bounced around by the various advice on sticking with what works for us or pushing our limits.

It’s time for you to know this: you are allowed to choose good feelings, and safety, when you need to. You aren’t bound by these choices, but you may be soothed by them. It’s alright.

When you were a baby, you were all about your own comfort. In fact, that’s the purpose of the entire universe as all babies know it: they fuss or cry every time they are uncomfortable, and they keep complaining until they feel better. It is the nature we were born into, and most of us were attended to by our adults. They respected our need for comfort.

When you got a bit older, you were required, bit by bit, to step outside your comfort zone. Maybe you didn’t want to go to school, but you had to. Maybe you didn’t like green veggies, but you were made to try them. Eventually, you might have competed or performed, overcoming your stage fright or shyness.

Some of these experiments probably worked out better for you than others. And that’s when you might have been told to go with your gut. At some point, you were (or should have been) taught to protect your boundaries, and to use your instincts. That you don’t have to follow along, or give in, when you don’t want to do something.

Then you grew all the way up, and craved comfort again. Responsibility gets tough! You also discovered that your comfort may not be so important to the rest of the world as it was when you were a baby. Impressions matter; so does style. How do you grow if you don’t push yourself? Go for it….just do it!

You have permission to go around all of this, and figure out what’s best for you.

You are allowed to recognize and honor your choices regarding every opportunity and event you encounter from now on.

You are allowed not to eat fish or mushrooms or stinky cheese, even when everyone swears that you’ll love them.

You may wear roomy clothes in natural fibers.

You can choose when to stay in or step out of your own zones, and be comfortable with the best ways to take the best care of yourself.

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photo by Luke Pamer