Ask For Help: Know You Are Never Alone

You are hereby granted permission to

Ask For Help

Even when you have to conquer something on your own, you can know that you are never alone in your reality–someone can help you if you will only ask.

It might not be the answer, you might not get out of your jam unscathed, and you might have to humble yourself.
You might have to be as vulnerable as you are open…but you don’t have to go it alone.

When you feel stuck for long enough, it might make sense to throw in the towel, or start over. But this isn’t about that.

This is about letting go of the need to be almighty, and instead, be willing.

You have permission to admit you can’t handle it all, or handle it all at once, or handle anything else than what you’re working on right now. Maybe you need a hand, or an ear, or a shoulder…or a lawn service, or a babysitter. Or directions.

You can ask for help, and accept help, and be grateful for help, and arrange for more help from now one. Things will likely get smoother as soon as you do.

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