Trying to see the light? Always look within.

We are literally made of stardust,
eternal energy wrapped in skin.
So when you’re trying to see the light,
you can always look within.

I wrote this little poem for myself after coming across a National Geographic article from 2015 that explains the science behind our DNA and the rest of the universe. We’re more than connected with each other and all living things; we are made of the same stuff. And that doesn’t mean the same kind of stuff, but literally, the same stuff, that continues to be recycled and reused from the original stars in the sky to continually regenerate us.

For me, this wondrous view is comforting and enlightening. It explains what I need to know about how things are always changing, so at the root of our existence there is always hope and choice. This makes all the little daily hopes and choices seem truly manageable and well within my capabilities.

And yet, it also explains something about the never-ending, ever-present force of unity (ooh, root of the word time: unity, universe = universus meaning “turned into one”) that I have always felt called to and compelled by… in my experience, it’s a common bond of the Highest order.

It can be sad and hard when we’re looking into the shadows where pain, sorrow, violence, anger, and greed hang out. So we try to see the light.

And look, here it is, within.

Because we are made of stardust which is constantly falling from the heavens for us to breathe, eat and touch it at every moment, as all beings have always done. And we are shedding it too, at every moment, returning our energy to the forces that created it, and the world that is created by it.

This is how we know our differences are really only in our minds. And impermanent. What we think about ourselves and others, and what we choose to hope for or fear, is up to us. And so is how we respond.

At our essence, we are golden. So my response is, yes, I’ll be that.

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