67 Things You Can Do to Be Healthier in the Next 5 Minutes

When you grant yourself permission to put your health first, you also are accepting a daily responsibility for your own self-care.

For some reason that sounds pretty boring, or even overwhelming, to a lot of people. So let’s clarify: self-care feels good.

It’s not about power-lifting or marathoning, going Vegan or Paleo, following a guru or a passion. It’s simply how you take care of you.

So, calm down. Don’t worry that you need a total overhaul. In the next five minutes, you can be healthier. Have fun. Feel good

How to Be Healthier in the Next Five Minutes

You don’t need to spend more than a few seconds scanning this list for the thing you will pick to do now. But definitely save this list (and share it!) because you can come back to it several times a day.

Actually, every hour. If you spend just 5 minutes of each waking hour, you can enjoy an hour of dedicated self-care every day. That’s an easy way to put health first.

So let’s go–and will you please let me know what your favorites are? Email me!: faith[at]52permissionslips[dot]com

67 Things You Can Do to Feel Good

  1. Get up and walk around
  2. Sit down and put your feet up
  3. Take a break, simple as that
  4. Eat an organic apple
  5. Eat a handful of walnuts
  6. Mediate
  7. Pray
  8. Listen to a rousing or tranquil song
  9. Do butt crunches & shoulder shrugs
  10. Do calf stretches & knee lifts
  11. Rinse & cut fresh veggies to snack on
  12. Do Tai Chi
  13. Visualize your happy, content lifestyle
  14. Write a love note to your future self
  15. Find a fast healthy recipe for tonight
  16. Pull some weeds from the garden
  17. Do ballet pliers & arm circles
  18. Do yoga: tree pose for confidence
  19. Eat a handful of pumpkin seeds
  20. Eat a few slices of a ripe avocado
  21. Apologize for something that bothers you
  22. Forgive something that bothers you
  23. Go outside and get fresh air
  24. Plant some spinach or herb seeds
  25. Do yoga: mountain pose for stability
  26. Dance around the living room
  27. Play hopscotch with your kid
  28. Do yoga: forward bend for flexibility
  29. Say a few affirmations, and mean them
  30. Review a few things you are grateful for
  31. Play fetch with your dog
  32. Use a string to play with your cat
  33. Make yourself a cup of tea
  34. Make a decision to let it go
  35. Do yoga: cat/cow for your back
  36. Do yoga: boat for your abs
  37. Take a couple flights of stairs
  38. Do jumping jacks
  39. Do front and side lunges
  40. Read an inspiring blog post or article
  41. Read a beautiful poem
  42. Tell a funny joke or find one online
  43. Do yoga: plank for a strong core
  44. Do yoga: warrior for courage and power
  45. Smell something wonderful (vanilla? grass?)
  46. Research your next vacation spot
  47. Call an old friend to make a date
  48. Call someone you love to tell them so
  49. Kick off your shoes & wiggle your toes
  50. Donate any amount to a cause you care about
  51. Pamper your own favorite facial feature
  52. Admire your own favorite body part
  53. Drink a big glass of water
  54. Put creamy lotion on your dry skin
  55. Swab your skin with cooling toner
  56. Take a quick jog and loosen up
  57. Freeze some fresh fruit for smoothies
  58. Make a smoothie with frozen fruit
  59. Cook two eggs with olive oil for a fast meal
  60. Gargle with warm salty water
  61. Jump Rope
  62. Hula Hoop
  63. Eat a Greek yogurt for a fast snack
  64. Pet your happy dog or relaxed cat
  65. Punch a punching bag
  66. Kick a punching bag
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