Daily GIFT 52 permission slips

An Easy 5 Minutes That Will Make Your Day Better

The Daily GIFT

It takes less than five minutes to do my super-simple journaling exercise that creates focus, energy, peace and pleasure in each day. (What more could I want, right?) This is the gift I give to myself each morning.

Since I started, I feel more committed, loving and capable than I ever have. My lists are shorter (a miracle for me!) and I’m choosing more meaningful activities.

It may not be a miracle fix for complete productivity or utter joy, but these couple of minutes of reflection have definitely brought more happiness and purpose to the forefront of my life. And it’s getting better, the more regular I become.

All you need is a little notebook and pen, and a few minutes to yourself.

Please enjoy my Daily GIFT and pass it on, so we’ll have more centered, joyful people all around us!

How to give yourself The Daily GIFT:

Write G. I. F. T. on the left side your paper, one letter above the other on four lines. Take a moment to consider each of words these letters stand for:

G is for Gratitude – I is for Intention – F is for Fun – T is for Tasks

Use the questions below as prompts about each of these words for the day. Go with your first answer, and write it down—each line shouldn’t be longer than a sentence. Breathe, smile and make a mental note of what you’ll remember about today’s GIFT. Refer back to it whenever you feel the urge.

That’s all there is to it. What a change it will make. It’s the gift of simplicity & the power of awareness!

Gratitude: Today, what are you grateful for? What/Who do you especially appreciate at this time?
Intention: What is your intention for the day? How do you intend to make a difference in this day?
Fun: What are you looking forward to today? Recreation, entertainment, a treat, simple pleasures?
Tasks: What essential tasks or nagging to-dos must you get done today? Keep it to three or fewer!

Some examples from my Daily GIFT journal:

G: I’m grateful for all my conveniences
I: I intend to feel accomplished & caught up today
F: relax catching up on TV shows with family
T: catch up on emails – print the forms – write the webpages

See how the day’s journaling sort of ends up with a theme, even though I’m not “planning” it that way? My conveniences help me with tasks like emails and printing, as well as fun like TV time with family. My tasks end up supporting my intention to feel accomplished. This was a simple, busy, good day.

G: someone to shovel with
I: healing thoughts and positive light to Dereck
F: online Christmas shopping
T: call about manatees – call about light fixture – make donation

It’s your day to live as you choose, so gift it to yourself authentically. Use your own shorthand, no need to be fancy. The size of your tasks is up to you, as well. Surely we all do far more than three things a day, but experts say we’re unlikely to accomplish more than three things of note. It’s so effective to focus on tasks that are important (help son study?) or lingering (make doc appointment), and “doable” today.

G: concerts, cute clothes, good coffee
I: to give and to listen
F: glass or two of red tonight
T: pay down some debt

We’re allowed to have nice things, do cool things, and prosper – the GIFT reminds us that we can have a good life and appreciate it. Here I see how my life intentions of compassion and generosity are awakened first thing in the morning. And then, there’s the greater task of erasing debt. We just go day by day.

Wrapping up The Daily GIFT:

Having been a serial list-maker my whole life, and a wordy girl, and a hopeful, dreamy journal keeper who is also addicted to planners and notebooks, I’m certain the impact of my Daily GIFT has been as great as it can be on someone like me.

I need this focus. I crave the positivity. I thrive on what is actionable. And, yeah, I wanna have fun.

So with all my other major life goals, which include adventure and finance and the great American novel, I am thrilled with the results of using The Daily GIFT as a way to program my days for the best life I can live.

It really is so EASY to make a difference in your day, every day, as soon as you decide that it’s up to you. Yes, stuff happens that is unexpected and out of our control. But how we live through it is our choice.

We can choose to be inspired. We can choose to calm down. We can choose our next move. There’s a gift within each of these choices, each aspiration, each delight, every day.

I hope you’ll start your own Daily GIFT journal right away, and if you love it, please let me know! I’m wondering if I should design this to be a cool little micro-book with printable pages you can write on to make it even easier — I’d appreciate your opinion if that would be helpful for you.

You can email me at faith[at]52permissionslips.com … thank you for the gift of your readership!