Monthly Archives: August 2015


We are what we do.

I am reading, for the second of what I am sure will be many times, a wonderful book titled, Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart by Gordon Livingston, M.D.

This doctor has a noteworthy background. His personal history includes losing two sons, one to childhood cancer, his oldest to suicide. He knows sadness.

He also knows recovery and hope, as he is a therapist. I say all that because it can be hard to read some of the “Thirty True Things” he says we need to know.

But I am reading them over again, and already forever changed by his claim that we are what we do. You have gifts and challenges, so… what’s next? Continue reading


Having Boundaries vs. Putting Up Walls

When we are all about generosity and gratitude, connection and community, how do we negotiate the idea of drawing and maintaining boundaries?

Chances are you were taught to be polite and cooperative. To be a good team member and to pitch in. Fine. None of that contradicts with having boundaries.

Boundaries are responsible–they help you be accountable for your own time, feelings and life. They also help you communicate your values.

When you know your limits, it doesn’t mean you are unwilling or unavailable. A boundary is a line you can see past, not a wall that shuts others out. Continue reading