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67 Things You Can Do to Be Healthier in the Next 5 Minutes

When you grant yourself permission to put your health first, you also are accepting a daily responsibility for your own self-care.

For some reason that sounds pretty boring, or even overwhelming, to a lot of people. So let’s clarify: self-care feels good.

It’s not about power-lifting or marathoning, going Vegan or Paleo, following a guru or a passion. It’s simply how you take care of you.

So, calm down. Don’t worry that you need a total overhaul. In the next five minutes, you can be healthier. Have fun. Feel goodContinue reading


Are you too clean for your own good?

The history of mankind shows us evolving away from living in nature and as part of nature (depending on it, surviving it and maximizing it).

We built cities, created industry and developed technology, all in an effort to improve our lives, protect our species and advance ourselves.

We can’t say for sure if we are happier or more satisfied than our early ancestors, but we definitely live longer in our new, unnatural environment.

We like our conveniences, and are highly entertained. But there’s one thing wrong with our life indoors, in cars and on sofas: it’s too clean. Continue reading


Being Grounded While Moving Forward

At some point in every journey there will be a time when we must choose to move forward, go back from where we came, or stay put.

After a rest, or when we’re presented with an obstacle, or even when we decide we don’t want to keep going in the same direction.

We’re told to put one foot in front of the other; to walk, run, then fly! We’re also told to keep our head out of the clouds, and step in time.

We’re told many things about our journey through life that seem contradictory. But it all makes more sense if you think about what moves you and grounds you.

Continue reading