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When waiting for a better time is best.

In the era of productivity hacks, habit changing apps, and so on, how can we get comfortable with an idea like “do it later?”

Plenty of advisors assume if you’re waiting, you’re putting it off. Do you wonder, if you don’t do it now, or soon, does that mean you’re (the horror) procrastinating?

Heck no. Scheduling something for a better time is okay, when it’s a thoughtful, conscious decision. Usually, that’s when waiting for a better time is best.

When you save something for later, it doesn’t mean you’re giving it up. “Putting it off” usually means you don’t want to. And that’s okay too. Let’s be honest. Continue reading


The pace of your lifestyle is up to you.

Most of us have felt a pressure to hurry, to fit more in. If you don’t like that, let’s look closer at what more you can do.

The real key is: define “more.” We can focus on quantity, or quality. And, we have to ask, get more done by when? For what?

Because you have choices to make with your time. The pace of your lifestyle is up to you. You need priorities, and wiggle room.

Life presents enough expectations, limitations and challenges. So let’s not turn life’s best parts into stressors. Continue reading


You don’t need a system to manage your time.

Maybe you need tools to help you manage your time. But have you ever found that using tools can require more of the time you feel you’re running short on?

There are also general approaches to time management and productivity, which offer you techniques (for using tools?)… More time, getting those going.

When you give yourself permission to Clear a Path in your own life for doing what is most important to you each day, you don’t need a system to manage your time.

You just need you, to create a realistic, caring schedule for yourself. Plus whatever way you like to keep track of your dates, plans and appointments. Who knew? Continue reading